How do I get my lightbox to show up on my homepage and nowhere else?

If you want your lightbox to show on your homepage, but nowhere else, just follow these instructions and you'll be all set. 

Step 1

Log into Digioh, and click on Rules 

Step 2

Click on the Create a New Rule button. 

Step 3

Select the Current Page URL rule from the rule property dropdown menu. 

Step 4

Give your new rule a name, and select Equals from the operator drop down menu. 

Step 5

Put the URL for your homepage in the Value field, and then click the Save Rule button. 


#1 It is case sensitive

For example vs (note the lower and upper case D in the URL)

You want to put in EXACTLY what the user will see. In most cases you will want all lower cases because URLs default to lower case (i.e.

#2 It is exact, so you will need to include the full URL including the www and or https://

For example if your URL is a secure site you will need to put in

Some websites don't have the www so the full URL would be like this:

#3 Watch out for the ending backslash

Look out for the backslash vs - remember you only want to add in the URL that the visitor will see. In most cases it doesn't contain the ending backslash so you will want (no backslash at the end)

Step 6

Click on Conditions

Step 7

Create a new condition, or update an existing condition. 

Step 8

Add your new rule to the condition. For more help creating a condition, see our tutorial  here

Don't forget to save your condition. 

Step 9

Click on Lightboxes

Step 10

Pick the lightbox you want to use your new condition with. 

Step 11

Click on Conditions

Step 12

Select your condition from the dropdown menu

Step 13

Click Save and publish to push your changes to your live site.

And that's all there is to it! Your lightbox will now only show on your homepage!