How do I connect my Digioh Lightbox account to AWeber?

You can integrate your AWeber account with your Digioh Lightbox account. Once that's done, any info submitted by way of a form on your lightbox can be directly imported into AWeber. To set up the integration, just follow these instructions. 

Step 1

Log into Digioh and click your name in the upper right side of page and select "Integrations" 

Step 2

Click the Create a New Integration button. 

Step 3

Give your integration a friendly name. We recommend "AWeber". 

Step 4

Select AWeber from the Integration dropdown. 

Step 5

Select the lightbox you want to use the integration with. 

Step 6

Click the Create Integration button

Step 7

Enter your AWeber login details, and click Allow Access

Step 8

Select the list you want your users' info submitted to. 

Once you select a list, your new integration will be up and running! Your subscribers will now be imported to your AWeber list!