How do I add HTML to my lightbox?

HTML code can let you do all sorts of things with your lightbox. You can embed an audio or video file, or add HTML code that launches various apps or services. To add HTML to your lightbox just follow these steps. 

Step 1

Log into Digioh and pick the lightbox you want to edit. 

Step 2

Click the HTML tag from the Layout section

Step 3

You can have up to four blocks of HTML on your lightbox. Pick the one you want to edit. 

Step 4

Paste your HTML code into the HTML box, and then set the Display Mode to On. 

Step 5

Your HTML code will now be applied to the preview of the lightbox on the right hand side. You can drag it wherever you want it to show on your lightbox. 

Step 6

Once everything is set up the way you want, click the Save and Publish button to push your changes to your site. 

That's all there is to it! Head over to your website to see your changes in action!