How do I add my lightbox submissions to a HubSpot List?

To add your lightbox submissions to a HubSpot list, just follow these instructions. 

Step 1

Log into Digioh and click Integrations

Step 2

Click “Create New Integration”

Step 3

Select “HubSpot” from the list of vendors, in the “Integration” drop down

Step 4

Pick a Friendly Name that you will remember. Like “HubSpot Pre Sales Workflow”

Step 5

Select the Lightbox in the drop down that you want to tie it to.


#1: You can have multiple integrations for one lightbox 
#2: You use the same integration for multiple lightboxes

Step 6

Once everything is set up the way you want, click the Create Integration button. 

Step 7

Enter in Your HubSpot API key and click the Connect Account button. If you don't have a HubSpot API key, you can request one here:

Step 8

Under Actions Select “Choose List”

Step 9

Select a List that you would like all your leads to go to.