Medical Professionals: Encourage more patients to book appointments

Convincing new patients to book an appointment is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses offering medical services. Digioh can help! We have a tested strategy in place to help any medical services business book more patients. 

We had a client looking to get more patients booked for their acupuncture practice. After considering several options, we realized the easiest way to convince patients to book was to simply ask them when they wanted to book an appointment. 

Did you notice the "When would you like your appointment?" field? By default, the option selected is "today". When the patient sees this, they're immediately encouraged to fill out their info. The reason it works well is because most people want immediacy on the web. Something they can actually do "Today" rather than having to look at their calendar and schedule in advance.

"But what if we don't have any appointments open today?"

I thought you might ask that! The patient may be a little disappointed if they can't book the appointment they proposed by way of this form, but by the time you're telling them you can't take them today, you already have a dialogue open with them, and that's going to make it all the easier to book them for a later date. 

We've seen immediate and appreciable results from this lightbox. Customers using this strategy saw a significant increase in the number of appointments booked within 24 hours of this lightbox going live on their site!