How to Create A Sticky Header or Footer

A sticky header or footer can be a great way to keep a call to action in the user's line of site no matter where they are on the page. Just follow the instructions in the video below to set up a sticky header or footer. 

Step 1

Log into Digioh and either select the lightbox you want to edit, or create a new one.

Step 2

Click on the blue "Lightbox / Sidebar" section on the left hand side of the editor

Step 3

Set the Widget Type to Sidebar

Step 4

Set the position to bottom center for a sticky footer, or top center for a sticky header

Step 5

Set the Stickiness to "Fixed Position"

Step 6

If you want your sticky header or footer to stay on the screen at all times, be sure to turn off the close button. 

Step 7

Be sure to add a condition under the blue Condition section on the left hand side if you haven't done so already

Step 8

Now save and publish your sticky header or footer and check it out on your live site!

Need any help? We are standing by!  Send us an email and we can setup a call to walk you through it. We are also more than happy to install it for you :)