How can I add my own custom font?

Digioh is now integrated with Google Fonts!

1. By default the top 30 most popular Google fonts are pre-loaded into the Digioh Editor. 

2. Don't see the font you want in the drop down? Just head over to Google Fonts ( and search for the font you want. Once you find it on there, just email us and we will get that in for you.

3. Don't see the font you want in Google Fonts? Google Fonts has 700+ web safe fonts and you can probably find a font that is extremely similar using Idnetifont

Quick Note on why we decided to integrate with Google Fonts:

  • All fonts are High Quality Open Source Fonts - Google only picks the best! 
  • All fonts are royalty free and 100% free to use 
  • All fonts work in all major browsers and operating systems