My Lightbox Isn't Showing Up

1. Verify that your javascript has been properly added. 
A. You can verify this by adding a Current Page URL contains ?digiohtest
IMPORTANT: Make this the only rule = the clients actual domain
If the lightbox shows up then you know it is an issue with their conditions and not their javascript - Skip to Step 3. 
If the lightbox doesn't show up, then the javascript is either not installed or improperly installed. Continue On...
2. Double Verify that the javascript has not been installed. 
Look through their source code and see if the Digioh Javascript is on your website.
If you don't see the Digioh Javascript they could be using a tag manager system like Google Tag Manager or Tealium - find out if they are using that by inspecting their source.
If they are using a tag management system, they might not have our javascript firing properly. Review our step by step instructions to make sure it fires.
If they are not using a tag management system but the javascript has been added, make sure you are not seeing a cached version of the site. Clear your cookies and try again.
If you do see the Digioh javascript installed but were unable to get your test lightbox to fire, your javascript was improperly installed. This can happen if you are using a minification or special caching plugin (popular in Wordpress). Clear cache and try again.
3. Login to their account and turn on Console Output
So, the javascript is properly installed and your test lightbox still isn't firing. The next step is to Turn Console Output ON. 
Open an New Incognito Window, open the client website, and turn on Console view to see if their are any errors. If there are errors fix them. (In most cases it is probably the master rules).

If you are still having issues - please contact us!