Cookie Detection via Custom Javascript


You don't want your existing newsletter subscribers to see your lightboxes.


The Easy Way: Not 100% Bullet Proof

One way to achieve this is to setup our rules so that it doesn't show up for specific URL parameters or Past Visits LESS THAN 1. The "Past Visits" rule on works from the time you install our javascript. So this means on Day 1, all visitors will look like new visitors.

The Custom Cookie Detection Way: 110% Bullet Proof

However, sometimes you want a little bit more stricter rules. If you are setting your own cookies on your website, Digioh can actually read in those cookies and not show your lightbox to those folks. 

Here is the custom javascript for you to do it:

var rr_email_id = DIGIOH_COOKIE.get('rr-email-id', true); //pass in true to read cookie in plain text (ie. not base64 encoded)
if (rr_email_id !== null && rr_email_id != 'XXX' && rr_email_id != 'xxx') {
    return false;

In this example the customer places a cookie if they are on the newsletter. So, if they are already not subscribed the cookie value is XXX. So, we only show the lightbox if the cookie value is XXX.

Let Us Set This Up for You!

Please note that this is a service we provide to our clients, so all you need to do is tell us the cookie value and we will set this up in your account for you.