Digioh Analytics Summary Section

Digioh Analytics Summary Section Overview:

1. Login and Click on "Analytics" on the upper green bar

2. Click "Summary"

Section 1: Submissions

This section provides a lifetime overview of account performance in a line graph or pie chart

- Line chart provides submissions over time. Hover over the line chart to view submission breakdown by day. Click on "Submissions" to view the chart by "Impressions" or "Pageviews" by week

- Pie chart will provide overall submission percentages by different variables. Click on Web Source to select a different variable for the pie chart to report. Hovering on each section of the pie chart will provide more data on that particular section of the pie chart

Section 2: Submissions by Lightbox

This section provides lightbox names and submission data for the current week, the previous week, two full weeks prior and all time. It's worth noting that "Previous Week" contains the last two full weeks prior

Section 3: Submissions by Geography

This provides overall submissions across the globe. The country in green is the country with the most submissions. Hover over each country to see submissions. Note that countries shaded in brown have submissions and those shaded in off-white have no submissions