How to Create a Multi Step Lightbox form

Sometimes the best way to engage with your audience is with a simple Yes or No question or in a Quiz manner to select a few options. Once they select an option, you can try to collect more information from them... like their email address.

Here is how you an easily set that up in Digioh.

Here is our Video Tutorial:

Here is our step by step tutorial:

1. Click on the button in your Lightbox Editor and select the "Open Another Lightbox" as the "Click Action"

2. Select the Lightbox you would like to open up upon click of that button

Yup, that is all you need to do! :)

Bonus Idea #1: You can redirect to another lightbox on Form Submission. So, on the first step you can grab their Name and Email and on the second step you can collect their Job Title, Net Worth, and Phone Number.

Bonus Idea #2: You can create a chain of lightboxes. You can do multi-step flows.