Finding Cookie Values

Digioh allows you to trigger a lightbox based on a cookie value that has been passed. For example you could set different values for visitors who are logged in and not logged in. Digioh can automatically look for those values and trigger lightboxes accordingly. This section will explain how to find cookie values that have been passed.

  1. Using Chrome right click on the page and select "Inspect" element 
  2. In the section that appears, click the resources tab and next click "Cookies". Under "Cookies" you will see your website listed. Click on it.  If you would like to trigger a lightbox based on a value or values in the cookie, note the value(s) you'd like (e.g. 1) . Also, most likely you'll have to ask a developer to give you a list of all possible values. For example if 1 denotes not subscribed, you will only see a 1 as the cookie value when you inspect element as a user who is not subscribed. However, you may not know that 0 represents subscribed, 2 represents unsubscribed and 3 represents a business subscriber. These values are all important when moving to the next step
  3. Follow instructions in part 2 of this process: