Lightbox Actions - Edit, Preview, Duplicate, Archive

What does each icon in the actions menu mean:

The actions menu can be used to take many actions on your lightboxes. You can hover over each icon to see a icon title.

  1. Editor - Clicking on the editor icon will take you into the lightbox editor
  2. Preview - Clicking on the preview icon will launch a preview of the lightbox. Please note that if after clicking on this icon you don't see a lightbox preview, you must enable popups for this page in your browser
  3. Rename - Clicking on the rename icon will allow you to rename the corresponding lightbox
  4. Duplicate - Clicking the duplicate icon will make a duplicate of the corresponding lightbox
  5. Archive - Clicking on the archive icon will archive the corresponding lightbox. Note that:
    1. Archived lightboxes will retain historic performance data that can be acessed in anaytics reports
    2. Archived lightboxes are not ON and cannot be turned on. They will be turned off as soon they are archived
    3. Archived lightboxes will not be selectable in Analytics until they are unarchived
    4. To view archived lightboxes click the "View Archive" button
    5. When you select "All Lightboxes" in analytics, performance data for archived lightboxes will be included