Why isn't my Lightbox showing up on my site?

There are a few reasons your Lightbox may not be showing up on your site. 

Publish Your Lightbox

a lightbox won't show if you haven't published it. 

Step 1

Log into your Digioh account, and click on the lightbox that isn't showing on your site. 

Step 2

Click the Save and Publish button. You'll get a notification informing you the changes were published - click OK in that box. 

Set A Condition

Every lightbox needs a condition in order to show on your site, and every condition needs at least one rule (a Display Lightbox rule). 

Step 1

Start by creating a "Display Lightbox" rule. To do this, log into Digioh and click Rules. If you have already created a "Display Lightbox" rule, you can skip this step. 

Now click the Create a New Rule button. 

Then name your rule. We recommend naming it something easy to remember like "display lightbox until form submitted". 

Then select the rule property "Display Lightbox, and choose a condition under which the lightbox should display on your site. Make sure to save your new rule. 

Step 2

Now it's time to add your rule to a condition. Click on Conditions from the top nav bar

And now click the Create A New Condition button. 

Give your condition a name (again we recommend something easy to remember), and select a display rule from the dropdown. 

Then click the Use button next to the dropdown you chose your display rule from. You can add additional conditions by using the "and" and "or" buttons, but we'll go over that in a different tutorial. For now, just save the condition. 

Step 3

Now click on Lightboxes, and then click on the lightbox that's not showing up on your site. In the lightbox editor, click on Conditions on the left hand side, and select your condition from the dropdown menu. 

Be sure to hit the Save and Publish button. Your lightbox will now display on your site!

Unsuspend The Lightbox

If you have suspended the lightbox that isn't showing up, you'll need to unsuspend it. To do this, just log into Digioh, and click the Unsuspend link next to the lightbox in question. 

Other Possibilities

Your CMS Theme May Be To Blame

If you're using a content management system like Wordpress, it's possible that the theme you're using is causing issues with the Lightbox code. We normally recommend putting it in the footer, hwoever, if you're running into trouble you may want to consider adding the install code to the sidebar instead. Alternately, you may want to look in the theme's settings to see if there's a place to enter custom code that will be applied to each page of the site. 

Are You Using A Caching Plugin? 

There are a number of plugins for Wordpress (and other content management systems) that will show a cached version of your site to your visitors in order to improve load speeds and lessen bandwidth usage. If you're using a plugin like this, you'll want to clear the cache after making any changes to your Digioh Lightbox to ensure everything shows up as intended.