How do I create a condition?

Rules have to added to a condition in order to be used with your lightbox. You can add multiple rules to the same condition to display the lightbox under very specific conditions. Just follow these instructions below to create a new condition!

Step 1

Log into Digioh and click Conditions

Step 2

Click on the Create a New Condition button

Step 3

Name your new condition, and select a rule from the dropdown, and then click the use button. You can also add this condition to a lightbox now, or you can do that later from within the lightbox editor. 

Step 4

At this point, you can save your condition, and use it with a lightbox. 

Step 5

You can also string multiple rules together to make a more complex condition. Click the And or the Or button to add additional rules. 

Then select another rule from the dropdown menu and click the use button again

Now you have a condition that will use two rules to determine when to display the lightbox!

You can string multiple rules together in different ways to create a wide variety of conditions! If you can imagine it, the lightbox can do it!