What does the hover jQuery selector rule do?

The hover jQuery selector rule shows the lightbox when the hover jQuery selector is present, and the visitor hovers their mouse over the appropriate link (or other element). One of the easiest ways to identify the element in question is by using either the ID or class. You'll find the appropriate syntax for each below. 

id selector syntax:  #some_elements_id
class selector syntax:  .some_elements_class

Notice the use of the "#" symbol and the "." period?  That is how to target an "id" and "class" using jQuery selectors.

So, if you wanted to show the lightbox only when an element identified by the container class is clicked

your rule would look like this

Or, if you want to show the lightbox only when an element identified by the navigation_wrapper id is hovered over

your rule would look like this: 

You can also identify a CSS element to trigger this rule. To do so, just follow these steps. 

Step 1

Using Google Chrome, right click on the button you want to add the Lightbox to, and select Inspect Element. 

Step 2

Right Click on the Highlighted section and click "Copy CSS Path"

Step 3

Back in Digioh and paste the CSS Path in the "Value" option, then save your rule. 


Show a special message or FAQ to your visitors when they hover over a specific part of your page. This is awesome for footer links, if someone is hovering over your blog you can show a snippet of a blog post.